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3 Great Acupuncture Movies and Documentaries

If you’re like a lot of people and can’t or don’t want to muster the time to read a whole book, we’ve got you covered with some fascinating documentaries and movies on acupuncture! Here, we will discuss not only new movies but also some older gems. So let’s begin with the first one, in no particular order:

This documentary was made in 2006 but was just added to YouTube as recently as 2014, as it follows physicist scientist Kathy Sykes pictured below here.

kathy sykes

In her journey to find out why so many people in England are turning to acupuncture for relief of illness, The Science of Acupuncture paints alternative medicine in a slightly pessimistic view. We can’t fault it too much since it was made in 2006 and now in 2017, we have a better understanding of needle therapy. But she still shines some good light over acupuncture. She shows the most advanced hospital in Shanghai using needle therapy stimulated by an electrical current when performing open heart surgery. Dr. Jia Zhou says acupuncture is an effective pain killer and that is less damaging to the body than general anesthetics. With over 300 surgeries performed at this hospital, you judge for yourself if it works for pain.

mother 2009

Mother is a suspense thriller based on a mother that is an acupuncturist who also works with herbs. She lives a quiet life with her son until he is accused of murder. He asks her to find the real murder. This movie has a great twist at the end, it’s been some time since we’ve seen a movie interact with the audience in a profound way like this one. And we don’t want to spoil the movie but let’s just say you’ll see a very unique use of a needle at the end.

9000 needles movie9000 Needles is an inspirational film from 2009 is based on Devin Dearth, a husband and family man from Kentucky that had it all. A successful businessman with a loving family, Dearth ran a healthy lifestyle as a bodybuilding competitor. Fitness and health was embedded in this man. But one day that all went away with Devin suffering a debilitating stroke that left him unable to walk, straddled with double vision symptoms, and barely able to speak.

His story also touches on the problems and limitations of our American health care system. Fed up with the care he received,  he traveled to China and seek traditional Chinese medicine with top doctors there. In China, he experiences acupuncture therapy that works well as his practitioner has the skill, technique, and knowledge and best intentions to make it work to at least bringing some temporary relief to a horrible situation. Even with the help and improvements on his life from acupuncture, Devin passed away in 2014. Our condolences go out to Hearth’s family.

escape fire posterEscape Fire is a documentary isn’t necessarily about acupuncture but shines light on our health care system, why it was designed the way it was and its flaws. Matthew Heineman and Susan Froemke bring us a comprehensive look at the complexity of the American healthcare system. They immerse us in the subject to better understand the problem. This is especially relevant given the state of American healthcare today in 2017 and we like the fact that it doesn’t involve too much politics and doesn’t carry an agenda. You can watch it and come to your own conclusion about it.


We hope you enjoy these movies and let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments!

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