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Acupuncture Helps Weight Loss

acupuncture weight loss


We know at some point in our lives some of us tend to gain weight. I can say from my personal experience that this is a pattern associated with our metabolism changing over time. Depending on the type of diet, life styles environment and pace, they can make a significant impact on our body weight.

So we have gathered some information on the best way to lose weight with a natural method easy to get, very economical and without any type of special requirements. Let’s talk about Acupuncture for weight loss. The practice of acupuncture is used for several disorders like anxiety, stress, body and muscular pain ache, but this time we will focus on the benefits of acupuncture for weight loss.

First, we are going to touch base on how acupuncture works.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of small needles into specific points of the body in order to stimulate the energy flow and causing desired organs to better function more over treating various diseases conditions, and ailments. The Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that energy must be in harmony for the body to function properly. Any alteration of this energy may cause severe damage to one’s health, emotional and mental wellness.

Acupuncture benefits for weight loss and eating disorders.

It is not a secret that over a quarter of Americans are overweight. Fast foods, sedentary lifestyles, stress pressure caused by a highly productive life can result into an accelerated increase in weight, which often is not desired, since obviously, we all want to have the best shape and the right health condition. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that excessive weight gain is caused by the inconsistency of the body, due to the malfunctioning of the spleen and the liver organ system.

Gifted needle therapy experts will focus in on particular body regions to impact weight reduction.

Among these are the endocrine system and kidneys, which are routed to treat water retention and to empower nerve and hormonal re balance. The spleen and thyroid organ are additionally focused to impact sugar and hormonal re balancing. At long last, the adrenal and ovary organs are incorporated to treat weight increase because of menopause or Premenstrual disorder (PMS).

Some people notice the effects of acupuncture fairly quickly and only require treatments every other week.

Another Chinese needle therapy for shedding pounds is ear stapling.

This consists of focusing on specific ear point to control cravings. Auricular needle therapy has been utilized effectively to help cigarette smokers and heroin addicts kick their substance addiction. When administered by a qualified acupuncturist, this procedure may enable a few people to get in shape.

One investigation, distributed in Medical Acupuncture, found that auricular acupuncture in addition to a 2,000 calorie a day eating routine and 15-minute walk helps to reduce weight.

The examination included 20 ladies, in ranging ages from 22 to 42 years old. Half of the individuals who got week after week 15-minute sessions of ear needle therapy lost a normal of 10 pounds. Those without ear needle therapy lost an average of three pounds a week.

If you are seeking to have an acupuncture session to reduce your size and weight it is best suggested that you follow the next practices:

  1. Pick a qualified professional –

Most states require the acupuncturists to be licensed, in other to guarantee that they have finished the essential instruction and preparing norms to rehearse.

Acupuncturists may likewise be therapeutic specialists or other restorative experts who have finished a postgraduate program of study.

  1. Finish a full course of treatment –

Acupuncture for weight reduction is best accomplished with 10 medications conveyed over half a month. Remember to be disciplined!

  1. Take after an extensive weight reduction plan – Acupuncture should be used alongside with a full comprehensive weight-loss plan, this ought to include healthy food choices coupled with exercise.

In conclusion

Losing weight is not an easy thing to accomplish, some people try the old fashion way: diet and exercise, some other use pills or shakes, and some other dice to go under the knife. While others choose acupuncture to lose weight, to achieve better results. This treatment should be combined with a reduced calorie diet and appropriate physical exercise. It is important to understand that acupuncture it is a complementary method that serves as a support for other methods and techniques to lose weight.

Likewise, with every single therapeutic condition, dependable look for the guidance of a specialist before starting any needle therapy medications for weight reduction.

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