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//Acupuncture For Allergies

Acupuncture For Allergies

acupuncture and allergies

Have you ever had a running nose, watery eyes, itching body for no particular reason? You realize you don’t have a cold nor any weird virus in your body… So probably you are a victim of allergies!
Research shows allergies affect 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children. This in numbers is closed to 50 million people in the United States.

Most allergies occur at specific times of the year, especially during the seasons of spring and fall, so that may be the time when your suffering may begin! These allergies are called seasonal allergies and usually are a response of the body to some airborne particles such as pollen or dust!
As it is customary, that during these seasons you will drive to your nearest drug store and get some medicine to treat that terrible allergy of yours! In fact, just for you to know, Americans spend millions of dollars yearly on medications and the allergy shots for the treatment of seasonal allergies.
That, my friend, is really bad home economics! Furthermore, it is very likely that you will relapse sooner or later, in other words, allergies will only cease for a while, but eventually, something else will trigger them right back!

Allergies exist in many forms, one of them as we mentioned before is seasonal allergies but there are a number of allergies from food allergy, skin allergy, passing to insect sting allergy, pet allergy, drug allergy to sinus infection, allergic rhinitis including asthma, is the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S and much more.

Acupuncture for Allergies

Due to these reasons, we should not take allergies for granted, therefore today we will talk about a natural, effective and affordable treatment that will help you relieve your allergies, this treatment is acupuncture therapy.

If you are not familiar with acupuncture, this is a therapy that been used for centuries in China and has been slowly but firmly introducing in the western world. Acupuncture is a therapy that involves the shallow insertion of thin needles in different acupoints – specific points in the body that have been previously studied by certified practitioners.

Most people who have undergone acupuncture therapy for allergies find the results very gratifying. Some people who have had sinus infection due to allergies have relieved many of its symptoms. In fact, research published in the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy has documented that acupuncture produced a great reduction of nasal symptoms. Basically, allergic rhinitis is a reaction to dust mites, animal hair, dander, and pollen. When the antibodies react to allergens is when you start suffering from nasal sneezing, and severe itching.

What acupuncture does to help you with allergies?

acupuncture relieves allergies

When these thin needles are inserted in your skin –as we know this is the common procedure for acupuncture- what they do for you is boosting your immune system and also induce anti-inflammatory effects. That helps to diminish all the previously mentioned symptoms!

In the study published in the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy, patients received twelve acupuncture sessions in total, the needle insertion was twice a week, and each session lasted 20 minutes. By the end of the study, it was documented that there was a 96.5% of success with the acupuncture therapy for allergies. You don’t have to travel far, Dr. Sontag an acupuncturist in Miami can help you relieve your allergies today.

Furthermore, this scientific research found that acupuncture therapy works equally well as any other allergy treatment such as Loratadine. And, as opposed to Loratadine, patients who had received acupuncture for rhinitis showed a significant reduction in allergy symptoms and long-lasting improvement. While the patients that were medicated with Loratadine, manifested feelings of wellness at first but once the treatment was over they experienced a gradual deterioration causing a recurrence of symptoms and relapse.

Researchers have concluded that acupuncture is a clinically effective treatment for patients who are suffering from consistent allergies. As it is scientifically proven, we strongly suggest you try this alternative medicine option you have in your hands, you may encounter a long-term solution to your runny nose, watery eyes and itchy skin for around $50 to $70 a visit according to Cost Helper Health. In addition, some acupuncturists offer discounts on pricing when several sessions are purchased together at one time, creating great cost savings. In addition to saving money, you may rid yourself from hideous allergies with no side effects what so ever!

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