Auricular Acupuncture for Weight Loss, How Does It Work?
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Auricular Acupuncture for Weight Loss, How Does It Work?

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Today we are going to talk to you about Auricular Acupuncture and how it helps with weight loss. But first, let’s start with the history of Acupuncture like, what is Acupuncture and, more specifically, what is Auricular acupuncture.  The term “acupuncture” derives from the word in Latin acus (translating to “needle”) in English and punctura (translating to “puncture”). Acupuncture derives from traditional Chinese medicine, most historians agree that acupuncture originated in China around 100 BC, but some argue that it was much earlier practiced elsewhere in Eurasia during the early Bronze Age. We will leave it for debate in another post for now.

Modern Ear Acupuncture for Losing Weight

But Auricular acupuncture is fairly new, it was first used by a Frenchman by the name of Dr. Paul Nogier in 1954. He saw a client’s back pain was healed when he felt a burning sensation on the ear. Astonished by the situation he started pinpointing the ear with organs in the human anatomy. Dr. Nogier saw the ear as a curled up fetus with the head facing down. He started treatment with his patients checking where the organs would be if the ear was a fetus by applying pressure to this areas, amazing huh?


How does Ear Acupuncture work?

So now let’s talk about ear needle acupuncture and how this type of acupuncture works great for weight loss. The ear, which is what Auricular acupuncture works with, is known to match up with vital organs through a micro-system by inserting needles in this area. Acupuncturists have learned that it can curb appetite and increase metabolism. These acupuncture technique has had some good reviews over time, even the famous Dr. Oz ran a segment on it. So let’s look at how the process is used, its focuses are empowered by utilizing little tacks and seed sized dots or magnets which are taped to the focused area with a specific end goal to help the effectiveness of the secessions. When the patient gets hungry and is about to over eat, we apply pressure to these points. This action releases endorphins that give the patient a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation that takes his or her mind of that fudge cake they were about to munch on.

So does it really work?

Data on acupuncture for weight loss have been mostly done with uncontrolled trials, with few control trails ever produced. In these controlled trials, the results have been mostly positive results in moderation. In one study researched concluded the following results. The study showed that a five-needle acupuncture session generally used in Korea and the one-needle session are both successful at effectively reducing body weight in the short term. Remember that while acupuncture may change physiology and neurobiology to instigate weight reduction, a portion of the advantage might be random to the system and more identified with the specialist customer relationship. A few people may observe an acupuncture specialist energizing as well as consider them responsible for adjunctive weight reduction endeavors. The support, as well as responsibility, may yield more prominent weight reduction than any impact of the practice. Check out more on scientific data here,

In conclusion

Auricular Acupuncture can help you with your weight loss, but you still have to exercise and diet. These studies have good results, so take the jump to lose those extra pounds today!



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