How much does acupuncture cost in Miami?
//How much does acupuncture cost in Miami?

How much does acupuncture cost in Miami?

The acupuncture cost varies from city to city and even clinic to clinic. The range can be from $70 to up to $150. The reality for the high-end prices can be related to a state of the art clinic or you might just be forking up because of an acupuncturist reputation. Whichever the case may be a good Acupuncture Miami doctor will give you a free consultation to let you understand what’s going to happen before you have your first session.

This is a good sign of a reputable clinic. Remember that not all acupuncturist are the same. Some are more experienced, better educated and work differently–do your research. It’s also good to note that compared to conventional treatment this alternative medicine cost less. Most clinics take checks or credit card and a few take cash.

Does an acupuncture clinic’s higher price mean better results?

Paying more doesn’t always mean better healing results, as we stated in other blog posts. The fact is that you should choose an acupuncturist that makes you feel comfortable and has gain some trust from you. You can have great success with a higher cost or a lower cost it really comes down to choosing what works best for you.

What can you expect out of a good acupuncturist?

The average sessions usually last an hour with you being one on one with the doctor. The first session might be a little longer up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. In this session, they usually would ask for your ailments and health history. The practitioner will examine your pulse and tongue in this session. The follow-up visits if needed should cost a little less.

Issues with the cost can affect results

A lot of the issues practitioners have is that the patients don’t stick around to see the results. Usually from higher costing clinics. You should choose wisely, find a clinic that is affordable to you. I will note that a lot of insurances are adding acupuncture treatments to their services. This will skyrocket the results of acupuncture benefits as patients will be able to stick around to appreciate the results. I must note that acupuncturists should be honest if the treatment is working for you or not. When the treatment is not working, conventional treatment or surgery should be advised to the patients.

In conclusion

Choose with budget in mind if money is an issue, but still try and get the most qualified practitioner that you feel comfortable with.

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