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Pins and Needles: How To Overcome Stress as a Hard-Working Mom

Pins and Needles: How To Overcome Stress as a Hard-Working Mom

The stress of the overburdened mother, the neglect of her mental health and how acupuncture can assist with her pain.

Where does your pain come from?

Does it come from a simple walk to the grocery store, when your knee buckles as you bend down to pick up your son’s favorite cereal?

Does it come from a debilitating migraine that flares up right as you’re about to fall asleep?

Or, does it come from the emotional exhaustion of being a parent, a significant other, an employee, a friend and a person of the earth–with no time to unwind in between?

We’ve seen patients come into our Acupuncture and Wellness clinic for all types of discomfort and distress. A majority of our patients are women, well-seasoned into the strenuous but fulfilling chapter that is motherhoodBut what we’ve noticed is that the true root of their pain rarely comes from physical ailment alone.

Internal pain–mental, social, emotional–is the hardest to diagnose because it often comes in layers. Peel at one and you’ll reveal several more. For instance, instability at home or work provides mental roadblocks that can be tough to avoid. Even worse, a cyclical effect takes root where the negativity from one setting carries over into the next–creating a torturous loop of psychological unrest to the point where one can’t even remember the source of their pain.

This type of volatility isn’t limited to working women. A stay-at-home mom might feel dissonance with her role as the changing landscape of American employment encourages her to prioritize her career more. A young mother, not fully prepared for what lies ahead, faces an uphill battle as she has to plan for two now. Motherhood is a significant transitional stage and while some moms are equipped to handle it more smoothly than others, every mother will go through her rough patches.

Don’t let “mom guilt” take away your spirit

Surely, you’ve heard of the term “mom guilt”? It’s the idea that moms are hesitant to spend time on themselves because they feel they “should” be spending time with their kids instead.
And of course, they should! Motherhood is a treasure. But women also have to be their own individuals. Not making room for some “me-time” could lead to a lack of self-worth–and that feeling can manifest itself into nasty mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Societal and cultural expectations play a big part in that guilt. How you were raised by your own mother will shape how you handle motherhood yourself–whether you follow her footsteps or forge your own path. And we can’t ignore the biological component that is maternal instinct. But don’t feel because you spend a night out with your friends every once in a while, you’ve betrayed your children or partner. How are you going to be at your best to provide for your family if you’re constantly doubting your actions?
TheLadders, an executive online job seeking company, ran a survey for Mother’s Day that examined what are some of the characteristics desires of the working mom. For the question, “Do you struggle to balance your career and your family?”, 55% of respondents said “Yes and the struggle to meet both is overwhelming”. While 16% responded, “I always put my family first and my career has suffered for it.”
The pressure of managing a 9 to 5 while coming home to a “second job” is taxing. But the first step toward getting everything under control is to get organized and handle your stress properly.

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Mastering stress requires an open mindset and positive energy

We ran a National Stress Awareness Month campaign this April to highlight stress awareness in our community. Our purpose was to help people identify points of stress and eventually tackle them head on.
Mother or not, everyone shares at least a couple of these symptoms. Stress is normal (and necessary), but it’s important not to let the negative energy take over your life. Just as important, you don’t want to ignore or suppress the stress either. Instead, you want to channel that stress into a positive channel and use it constructively.
Acupuncture was founded on the basis of energy. It’s about finding points in your body where energy is clogged up, redirecting that energy into its proper channel, and feeling like you’re finally loose again.
We’ve seen the joy on people’s faces post-treatment as they come back with noticeably less pain. They carry a little bit more zip in their hips and glide in their strides. They’re able to perform actions they haven’t been able to do in years!
Acupuncture is not only great for physical injuries but also mental and physiological health disorders. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, nausea are just some of the many health conditions that can be treated with acupuncture. It also provides a healthy and risk-free alternative to drugs, alcohol, gambling and other harmful coping methods.
But even if you’ve never had an acupuncture treatment before and aren’t particularly moved by it, that’s okay. Because our central point here isn’t about acupuncture, it’s about you and what you can do to start taking your life and your mind back.
Find a hobby that keeps you and your mind active, entertained and learning something new every day. Get out the house more often–nature is good for your mental health. Go to the gym, start a new diet and set a goal. And see it through! Setting a goal is useless without setting records.
But the most important part is to know it’s okay to take care of yourself every once in a while. And that working on yourself reaps rewards for your children and your family in the long run.
Managing stress gets a little easier each day. But you have to do it consistently. That’s the hard part.

We wish all our wonderful readers a Happy Mother’s Day. More so, we wish you an even better day after.

Thank you for reading.

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