How do I plan for my first acupuncture treatment?

  1. Wear-free, comfortable garments for simple access to needle therapy focuses.
  2. Try not to eat supper just before or after your visit.
  3. Avoid drugs, medications, or liquor for up to 6 hours after the visit.
  4. Keep away from upsetting circumstance. Set aside a few minutes to unwind and make certain to get a lot of rest.
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How many acupuncture treatments are needed?

Needle therapy can be booked as regularly as five times each week or as meager as once per month. As the illness lessens fewer visits are required. A patient ought to talk about his or her treatment program with his acupuncture physician, as every individual case is different.

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Is Acupuncture Painful?

At the time the needle is embedded, some may feel soreness or slight pain. Others may feel nothing. Basic qi sensations around the needle include; shivering, electrical vibes that may go above or beneath the needle, or a feeling of swelling at the inclusion site. Incitement of needles should be physically, or by an electro-acupuncture device. A few people are invigorated by treatment, while others feel relaxed.

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What is Qi?

Qi centered on the antiquated Chinese hypothesis of the stream of vitality. Qi and blood course through particular meridians or pathways that cover and fill the body, fairly like the nerves and veins. Open meridians are basic for ideal well being.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treatment is a practice Oriental restorative analysis that incorporates an appraisal of heartbeat, shape or shade of the tongue, therapeutic history, and whole body assessment. After the evaluation, needle therapy focuses are picked on the body along needle therapy meridians or pathways. Needle incitement of these focuses expands the body’s recuperating vitality or qi.

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